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Aaron Osswald

Aaron's been in the business for over a decade. Raised on a farm outside of Brookville with four siblings, he was trained to work hard from an early age. His wide range of experiences have lent him an upper hand in the landscaping business. Starting at the age of 11 learning about mulching and plant installation, he has taken the business and expanded it into the world of hardscape design with a passion and eye for excellence. He always puts his customers first and is never too busy to stop and have a conversation with them, without ever having to sacrifice the deadline. 

Rachel Osswald

Raised on a farm just 20 miles up the road, Rachel comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. Growing up working for her father's farming and seed business, she learned quickly the importance of strong relationships with customers and their families. With experience in marketing and a strong eye for design, she handles everything that doesn't require a shovel and a dump truck. You won't catch her on a job (except maybe to deliver lunch), but you can count on her to set up estimates and make sure your invoice is done correctly down to the last perennial.

This husband and wife duo keep things grounded and pushing toward excellence. 


They couldn't do it without their team. 




You can count on these guys to get the job done right and on time, every time.

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